Docks & Service Stations

Docks & Service Stations

Wood needs to be cleaned carefully in order to maintain its strength and durability due to the abuse it receives from being exposed to the elements. Fully cleaning the docks and service stations requires the right tools, which many people don’t have lying around. When you call Evershine Facility Services, we arrive with the right equipment to do the task. 

Wood is a supple material. In order to prevent “furring” of the wood, pressure cleaning should be done with a wand that has an adjustable pressure valve directly at the technician’s fingers. This will allow them to modulate the stream of water to a low to medium force. 
To properly remove the greying brought on by the heat and the black mildew development, our professionals will power wash your wood while going with the grain and using consistent, even strokes. 

Experienced Staff

We meet and train every single cleaning professional that enters your home. Even if they are already an experienced cleaning professional they will still go through our training programme for extra peace of mind.

Best Equipment

No cleaning materials? No problem! Our cleaning professional will bring cleaning supplies to your home if you don’t already have them.

Insured Service

Every cleaning professional is fully insured and our company is also insured for your peace of mind while we clean your home.

We are committed to providing an expert cleaning service. Free estimates are waiting for you!