Strip & Seal Floor Polishing

Strip & Seal Floor Polishing

Any stone floor eventually ages and deteriorates, and marble is no exception. When you need a thorough, long-lasting solution, you may rely on our services to give your worn-out, dull, or damaged stone a high gloss surface with shine persistence. When we are finished, the results will astound you. In addition, we guarantee a flawless shine for hotel lobbies. 

EFS has over 35 years of combined experience in the restoration and upkeep of a wide range of hard floor coverings, including ceramic tiles, terrazzo, vinyl, linoleum, safety and anti-static flooring. Our strip and seal service restores your floor to its best condition. 

Give your floor a fresh coat of polish! 

We offer premium strip and seal for all appropriate floor kinds. Your marble or natural stone’s finish is destroyed by foot traffic and other elements, which also harm the surface. We employ a method that involves cutting through worn, scratched, etched, or otherwise damaged areas. 

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, our strip and seal service restore your floor to its best condition. 

Experienced Staff

We meet and train every single cleaning professional that enters your home. Even if they are already an experienced cleaning professional they will still go through our training programme for extra peace of mind.

Best Equipment

No cleaning materials? No problem! Our cleaning professional will bring cleaning supplies to your home if you don’t already have them.

Exceptional Cleaning Service

We are always striving to provide the highest quality service combining old and new cleaning methods. We constantly improve our equipment and detergents we use to stay ahead of the game.

We are committed to providing an expert cleaning service. Free estimates are waiting for you!