High Pressure Washing

High Pressure Washing

Whether you need your driveway, siding, roof, or retaining wall pressure washed, our team is ready to help. We combine tried and true power washing techniques to blast away grime and dirt and leave your home or business guest-ready.

Here at EFS, our team has been trained to understand and work with the 8 variables of pressure washing. By investing in our employees and educating them about the science of pressure washing, we enable our customers to feel confident in our ability to deliver superior pressure washing services.

  1. Volume. This variable pertains to the amount of water used during pressure washing and is measured in gallons per minute — or GPM for short. The volume of water used has a direct effect on what results can be achieved through pressure washing.
  2. Pressure. The amount of pressure that can be safely used during power washing depends on the surface that is being cleaned. For example, wood siding requires less pressure than concrete driveways to clean.
  3. Temperature. Unless you are having a particular substance cleaned from your driveway or house, your pressure washing team will use cold water.
  4. Tools. Our pressure washing team has many types of pressure washing tools. Along with a large array of nozzles, including turbo nozzles, and low-pressure soft wash nozzles, we also use surface cleaners, and extension wands to reach difficult-access places.The tools we use depend on the specific surfaces you need pressure washed.
  5. Cleaning agents. Rather than use more pressure and risk damage to your home’s siding or roof, our technicians use various cleaning agents to make it easier to get rid of tough stains.
  6. Surfaces. The next variable of good pressure washing is adjusting technique, pressure, and frequency for the surface being cleaned. Different surfaces have different pressure washing requirements and in order to clean them safely, the surface being worked with must be understood.
  7. Weather. Apart from freezing temperatures and lightning storms, pressure washing can be done in any weather condition.
  8. Accessibility. Another variable that affects how pressure washing is done is accessibility. Our team might need to use ladders or harnessing equipment to ensure that your home or business is cleaned well and that the job is done safely.
Experienced Staff

We meet and train every single cleaning professional that enters your home. Even if they are already an experienced cleaning professional they will still go through our training programme for extra peace of mind.

Best Equipment

No cleaning materials? No problem! Our cleaning professional will bring cleaning supplies to your home if you don’t already have them.

Insured Service

Every cleaning professional is fully insured and our company is also insured for your peace of mind while we clean your home.

Exceptional Cleaning Service

We are always striving to provide the highest quality service combining old and new cleaning methods. We constantly improve our equipment and detergents we use to stay ahead of the game.

We are committed to providing an expert cleaning service. Free estimates are waiting for you!