Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

 Make sure the glass is clean for a window of opportunities! 

One of the toughest materials now used in construction is glass. Although glass is incredibly durable, it is nevertheless prone to damage from a variety of sources and needs care and upkeep on a regular basis to maintain its original appearance. Glass is primarily used to be seen through; hence any damage can easily reduce the glass’s original state and purity of vision.

The simplest improvement you can make to any house is clean windows.  

To achieve streak-free cleaning results, we combine a moderate glass-safe cleaning chemical with specialised glass cleaning equipment like squeegees, window washers, and telescopic poles. Additionally, we perform height-related work by either using telescoping poles or safety netting to enable for secure façade washing outside of structures. Our employees are skilled at handling façade cleaning tasks that produce the best outcomes for you.  

Our three-step window washing/cleaning procedure entails… 

1) Scrubbing and rubbing your windows to remove accumulated grease, filth, and toxins in the air. 

2) Professional-grade equipment is used to squeegee clean the glass, eliminating 99.9% of the water and debris from its pores. 

3) The edges and sills are cleaned and dried, leaving just the glittering glass in their place. 

Everyone has a different idea of what window cleaning and the level of detail necessary, and our company is aware of this. We can provide you with any level of service detail you require weather it’s commercial or residential . Each window can take many hours to scrub off every last bit of dirt and to get every scratch polished back to perfection.  

Experienced Staff

We meet and train every single cleaning professional that enters your home. Even if they are already an experienced cleaning professional they will still go through our training programme for extra peace of mind.

Best Equipment

No cleaning materials? No problem! Our cleaning professional will bring cleaning supplies to your home if you don’t already have them.

Insured Service

Every cleaning professional is fully insured and our company is also insured for your peace of mind while we clean your home.

Exceptional Cleaning Service

We are always striving to provide the highest quality service combining old and new cleaning methods. We constantly improve our equipment and detergents we use to stay ahead of the game.

We are committed to providing an expert cleaning services. Free estimates are waiting for you!